Commercial paver repair – Atlanta, GA.

Georgia Paver Restoration was hired by Atlanta Property Group to repair brick pavers at the entrance of the Druid Chase office building in Atlanta, GA. A large area of brick pavers had buckled and separated over time causing the entrance to look unsightly and create tripping hazards for the tenants. Our initial thought was a large tree root caused the brick pavers to raise and buckle. However, after our technicians removed the bricks pavers and investigated the base, they uncovered that a large ant infestation was the cause. The ants and contaminated sand base were removed, the area was treated with insecticide and a new sand base was installed. Next, the brick pavers were reinstalled and compacted with a vibratory plate compactor. The client and tenants couldn’t be happier. Next the pavers will be steam cleaned and sealed.

One of the great things about working with Georgia Paver Restoration on your paver project is our depth of paver knowledge. All our technicians were seasoned paver installers on projects for our sister company Greenstone.  If your commercial paver entry, walkway, pool deck, parking lot or any other paver area on your commercial property needs repair, maintenance, cleaning and/or sealing please contact Georgia Paver Restoration. We offer our commercial paver service throughout Metro Atlanta, GA.

For a free commercial paver repair consultation, please contact Georgia Paver Restoration today! 

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