Granite cobblestone restoration – Atlanta, GA.


Granite cobblestone walkways, driveways and courtyards require occasional maintenance and repair to renew the cracking mortar caused by mother nature and heavy traffic. Once the mortar is cracked, moisture can seep in, and if not properly maintained, continued cracking and separation will occur.

After considering various options, a homeowner in Atlanta, GA contacted Georgia Paver Restoration to restore their 4,000 sqft granite cobblestone courtyard. The process entailed removing all of the failing mortar, steam cleaning the granite cobblestones, applying new mortar to the granite cobblestone joints and applying two coats of premium grade sealer. We considered this the most economical long term solution. By removing the failing mortar and installing new mortar with the original granite cobblestone and sealing, we expect another 15 years of use without major issues.

The first step in the restoration process is removing all of the failed mortar.

Next we surface cleaned to remove the dirt in preparation for new mortar.

The joints are now clean and ready for our new custom blended mortar to be installed.

Applying mortar to the wide and deep joints was very tedious and took over a week to complete.

After one final surface clean, we applied two coats of natural luster sealer which will protect the granite cobblestone for many years.

The sealer is sprayed on milky white but will dry crystal clear. Our premium grade sealer protects the granite from stains and provides a natural color enhancement.

This granite cobblestone restoration project in Atlanta, GA was a major undertaking that took two weeks to complete. The homeowners were ecstatic over the final results! Do you need paver or natural stone restoration services? Please contact the experts at Georgia Paver Restoration today!

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