Stabilizing permeable paver joint aggregate.

The permeable interlocking concrete paver (PICP) system is an excellent solution for storm water management but a common issue that it faces is the migration and loss of the un-stabilized aggregate infill. When the infill migrates onto the paver surface it can cause a slip and fall safety hazard, create an unsightly appearance, potentially contaminate the drainage system, and/or no longer be compliant with the ADA guidelines. The migration of the infill may be caused from poor quality aggregate infill and/or the lack of stabilization to resist the extractive forces from washout, traffic, and pavement maintenance. Georgia Paver Restoration has the solution for this common issue!


Georgia Paver Restoration uses a hybrid polymer blended sealer that is designed to bind together joint aggregate used in permeable paving systems and minimize their loss due to extractive forces from washout, traffic, and pavement sweeping. Our sealer is specially formulated with an antifungal to help inhibit the growth of mold, moss and algae on the sealer film when applied to the surface. It is a water-based product that exceeds all VOC and EPA standards. Our commercial grade PICP sealer is milky white when applied but dries to a clear, natural look. It maintains flexibility to accommodate thermodynamic cycling and related movement.  Most important, permeable aggregate joints that are stabilized with our sealer will still exceed the minimum infiltration rate of 100 in/hr in accordance with ASTM C1781 testing standard.

  • PICP Aggregate Binder – Minimizes aggregate chip loss and scattering
  • Saves Costs on Remediation Maintenance – Less Infill Required
  • Keeps PICP System ADA Compliant
  • Clear, Water Based Acrylic Sealer
  • VOC Compliant
  • Durable Natural Finish
  • Protects Drainage Swales & Storm Sewer Inlets from Joint Fill Migration
  • Protects Paver Surface Against Water, Salts & Atmospheric Weathering
  • Antifungal Film Protection – Protects sealer film from growth of mold, moss and algae

If you are interested properly maintaining and stabilizing your permeable aggregate joints, please contact Georgia Paver Restoration for a free consultation!

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