Sealing travertine pavers.

Having your travertine pavers sealed by Georgia Paver Restoration will bring out the natural beauty and also protect the delicate stone. Travertine is a very porous stone that quickly absorbs liquids. We highly recommend sealing a travertine patio that is frequently used for entertaining, as it will protect against spills from food and wine, which could stain the surface or a travertine pool deck to protect against the constant contact with water and pool chemicals. Sealing travertine surface also helps to prevent mold and algae growth.

Properly sealing pavers requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. For example, a sealed travertine surface can become slippery when wet. Georgia Paver Restoration’s experienced technicians apply a specially formulated anti-slip polymer additive to create a slip resistant surface when sealing travertine. If you want to protect your investment the correct way, please contact Georgia Paver Restoration for a free quote!

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